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The best tactical TQ pouch for the RATS tourniquet

The RATS tourniquet is one of the most popular and advanced tourniquets on the market due to its ease of use. RATS Medical’s mission is simple – Provide fast, easy-to-use and completely effective gear that the ordinary person can use efficiently during extraordinary circumstances.

The Gen 2 RATS Tourniquet sol purpose is to stop the bleeding. The number one cause of death among combatants and outdoor enthusiasts is trauma and blood loss.

The RATS Tourniquet uses the simple combination of a three finger loop, trucker’s hitch, and tight but closely spaced wraps to stop the bleed and save yourself, or others. Use it in the dark, under stress, and one-handed.

The best way to tactical carry the RATS Tourniquet is with the Beez Combat Systems TQ pouch GRIDLOK. The TQ pouch is 100% laser cut pouch that was designed to carry the RATS Tourniquet.

The use of laser cut materials and GRIDLOK provides the lightest weight tactical TQ pouch on the market made for the RATS Tourniquet.

The tactical TQ Tourniquet pouch is available now in Multicam, Coyote, Ranger Green and Black.