APTUM™ 3 Magazine Insert

The Beez Combat Systems APTUM™ 3 Magazine Insert is designed to fit in both the front kangaroo pouch of the APTUM™ Plate Carrier by Beez Combat Systems and the Velcro insert of the AR, AK, 308, 7.62, PCC, SVD, SIDEWINGs and Shotgun Chest Rigs produced by Beez Combat Systems. The APTUM™ 3 Magazine Insert by Beez Combat Systems comfortably secures both PMAGs and USGI style magazines.

For the APTUM™ Plate Carrier the APTUM™ 3 Magazine Insert increases the end user’s magazine carrying capacity. This is especially beneficial for those who are looking to increase their loadout rig to a more sustainment rig. For those who run a chest rig the carrying capacity is also comfortably increased. Naturally for any individual looking to quickly increase their overall carrying capacity without adding additional external pouches, the APTUM™ 3 Magazine insert is crucial.

The APTUM™ 3 Magazine Insert secures in both the chest rig Velcro enclosure and the APTUM™ Plate Carrier kangaroo pouch via the hook and loop Velcro located on both the front and back of the magazine insert. The APTUM™ 3 Magazine Insert also includes adjustable pull tab retention to fit a variety of AR magazines.
For more information watch the Beez Combat Systems YouTube channel