Hiding from White Hot Thermal on Drones and Scopes

Thermal imaging comes in a variety of color palette options the most popular and commonly used being the ‘White Hot’ thermal color palette. The white hot thermal color palette is often used while imaging landscapes or imaging urban environments. White hot thermal imaging is as exactly as it sounds: Increased heat signatures appear as white while cooler heat signatures will appear greyish with cold appearing as black. White hot thermal imaging can be used in scenes with a wide range of temperatures while generating images with realistic detail.

The white hot thermal color palette is commonly used by military personnel and law enforcement agencies for its ability to quickly detect heat signatures. For example, within landscapes thick in vegetation the white hot thermal color palette is often the preferred choice of color palette when utilizing thermal imaging. Not only is thermal imaging in the white hot color palette the most commonly used but it is also the most commonly seen. From overseas aerial footage of various theaters of war to video games and even movies, the white hot thermal color palette is immediately recognized as a form of thermal imaging.

There are very few options when attempting to hide one’s heat signature from heat seeking thermal imaging devices. The Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET reduces the thermal and the physical visual signature from ground and aerial based heat seeking detection devices.