Testing Counter Thermal Technologies with Thermal Color Palettes

As battlefield technology evolves so does the need for thorough testing and evaluation. As of lately technologies such as counter and anti-thermal equipment have become increasingly popular. This is because the use of thermal drones and thermal scopes have increased significantly. However, in order for these anti thermal and counter thermal technologies to properly work and to be utilized thorough testing and evaluation is necessary. This requires a variety of thermal color palettes to be used in conjunction with the counter and anti-thermal technology. Utilizing just one thermal color palette while testing counter and anti-thermal technologies will have a detrimental effect during use while on the battlefield.



White Hot and Black Hot
The most common thermal color palettes are typically white hot and black hot. Both white hot and black hot thermal color pallets are popular among hunters and are frequently used by military and law enforcement. However, just testing counter and anti-thermal technologies using only white hot and black hot thermal color palettes will lead to potential product failure. This is because white hot and black hot have a limited range of color when identifying heat signatures. Especially if the surrounding environmental temperature is within range of the heat signature of the target.


Red Hot
Testing under the red-hot thermal color palette will help to identify any errors or issues that counter or anti thermal technology might possess. This is primarily because the color red stands out far more than white hot or black hot when testing with this thermal color palette. By not testing counter and thermal technologies utilizing the red-hot thermal color palette issues will arise later jeopardizing the safety and even the lives of the individuals using the counter and anti-thermal technologies while in the battlefield.


Rainbow, HotIron, Fulgurite, etc. 
Although a variety of different names are used for virtually the same thermal color palettes the most commonly known are the Rainbow thermal color palette (one and two), HotIron thermal color palette and the Fulgurite thermal color palette. Testing counter and anti-thermal technologies with all of these thermal color palettes or are at the very least a wide variety of these thermal color palettes will help to identify issues or concerns within the counter and anti-thermal technology. Thus, making the counter and anti-thermal technology better after corrections are made.



Beez Combat Systems tests and evaluates their counter and anti thermal technologies using as many thermal color palettes available. Beez Combat Systems also provides the testing and evaluation results to the public verifying that their counter and anti thermal technologies do in fact work. For more information see the Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET.