GRIDLOK Attachment Technology

Attachment technology for load bearing essentials has been around for decades however, in the recent few years some of the most impressive advances have been witnessed regarding the evolution of attachment technology. For example, ALICE clips were experimented with during the Vietnam War and it wasn’t until 1974 that the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps actually adopted ALICE attachment technology as standard issue load bearing essentials for their soldiers and marines. ALICE clip attachment technology remained the norm for several decades until the attachment technology was forced to evolve in order to meet the requirements of the modern warfare fighter while on the battlefield.

A more flexible material became mass produced as well as polymer infused, polymer injected and polymer molded options became available focused around a weaving process to help reduce the wiggle experienced while in motion. Although convenient for the operator many of these options are manufactured using harmful chemicals that have actually been recognized to cause cancer by the state of California. Attaching load bearing essentials utilizing a weaving process was such a significant advancement in the evolution of attachment technology that it has become the new standard for all tactical gear manufacturers.

Many tactical gear manufacturers focus their load bearing attachment technology around polymer applications. Although this option does offer a rugged and rigid attachment it can create difficulty for the operator if having to remove pouches and reattach them to other equipment while in a hurry. Not to mention it is well known that while under battlefield conditions any additional weight can soon become overwhelming. Many of these load bearing polymer attachment options are heavy and the ounces they weigh can eventually feel like pounds over time while in the field.

Recognizing these issues and the demands of warfare fighters while under these conditions, Beez Combat Systems has designed a laser cut, lightweight more durable option for attaching essential load bearing items to tactical gear such as plate carriers, combat belts and chest rigs. GRIDLOK attachment technology is now available with any Beez Combat Systems GRIDLOK Pouch utilizing the most advanced laser cutting technology accessible to tactical gear manufacturers. GRIDLOK attachment technology is lightweight in that it is laser cut directly from the same material at the same time as the pouch itself. GRIDLOK attachment technology is also more durable in that GRIDLOK does not need reinforced stitching resulting in additional material and increased weight. The final greatest benefit and feature of GRIDLOK attachment technology is that the laser cut technology actually eliminates ‘pouch slouch’ ensuring the operator more efficient transitions and accessibility to load bearing essentials.