Hiding from Iron Red Thermal Drones and Scopes

The Iron Red thermal color palette is mostly used by professionals working with mechanical or electrical equipment. The Hot Iron thermal color palette pinpoints subtle temperature details displaying hotter temperatures in lighter warmer colors and cooler temperatures in darker colors.

The Iron Red thermal color palette is not commonly used in military or law enforcement operations and is an extremely useful thermal color palette option for use when observing electrical equipment such as solar panels and other outdoor electrical equipment. This specific thermal color palette allows these professionals to observe any heat seepages that would affect the integrity of the installation.

Although not commonly used in military and law enforcement operations the thermal color palette option is still available to them. Hiding from the Iron Red thermal color palette is much similar to hiding from other thermal color palettes. As a rule of thumb, using an object, building or even tree top canopy in dense vegetation is the best way to mask your heat signature from a drone or scope utilizing the Iron Red thermal color palette. In today’s evolving battlefield having an option such as the Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET will be the best solution when it comes to masking and hiding from thermal detection in general.