The Beez Combat Systems BEEZ SLING HEAVY is the next sling upgrade for operators utilizing a heavier primary weapon. Designed and manufactured with increased strength and durability for a wide range of heavy weaponry. The Beez Combat Systems BEEZ SLING HEAVY is equipped with a simplistic design yet is still one of the most reliable slings in the tactical industry.

The BEEZ SLING HEAVY is 100 percent laser cut and is manufactured in the United States. The BEEZ SLING HEAVY includes a non-flimsy removable structured padding and a soft mechanical adjustment handle. The padding in the BEEZ SLING HEAVY is wide enough to comfortably distribute the weight of a heavier weapon platform while simultaneously not getting snagged or caught up on anything. As opposed to most slings that include uncomfortable metal adjustment buckles or flimsy spring-loaded adjustment handles the BEEZ SLING HEAVY by Beez Combat Systems kept it simple with a leading industry design.

The BEEZ SLING HEAVY has a 2.25″ x 22″ padding and is reinforced with a one-inch matching webbing pull tab. The open-ended design of the BEEZ SLING HEAVY provides the operator with their own choice of mounting hardware. The padding is also removable if just a one-inch webbing sling is desired. Finally, the Beez Combat Systems BEEZ SLING HEAVY includes a 500D wrap around pad that helps prevent neck burning.