The Importance of Counter Thermal / Anti Thermal Technology

Today’s battlefield has become so advanced that the primary method for human detection has become thermal imaging through the use of various thermal technologies. This technology has become so advanced that not only does the individual soldier utilize thermal imaging devices but so do unmanned aircraft systems (UAS / drones), small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) and even Apache helicopters and armored personnel carriers among mobile infantry. 

As thermal technology evolves so too does the importance for counter thermal and anti thermal technologies. Similar to how visual camouflage utilizes colors and specific patterns such as A-TACS® and Multicam™ to break up the individual’s visual signature, counter thermal/anti thermal camouflage too breaks up the individual’s heat signature. For example, the Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE Blanket reduces thermal mitigation, reduces thermal loading, breaks up the thermal outline and minimizes NIR (near-infrared) detection all while simultaneously providing a physical and visual camouflage.  

The Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE Blanket may appear as simple as just that – a blanket; however, the SPECTRALFLAGE Blanket uses complex next generation engineering to achieve three primary purposes: Visual concealment, night vision concealment and of course counter thermal and anti thermal concealment. 

It is vital to understand how the human body emits heat in comparison to how thermal imaging identifies heat signatures when attempting to conceal against thermal imaging technology. For example, if body heat cannot be traced by the thermal imaging sensor the individual is invisible to that device. A physical object separating the individual from the thermal imaging device will essentially stop the thermal energy from reaching that sensor. This can include objects such as the roof of a house and even the tree canopy of a forest. However, these objects cannot be utilized forever especially when having to operate within environments using basic cover and concealment techniques. 

The trick is to continuously keep a barrier between the individual’s body heat and the thermal imaging device. In other words, increased distance between the individual and the counter thermal/anti thermal technology, such as the Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE Blanket, will better mask the individual’s body heat thus providing concealment from thermal detection.