Shotgun Scabbard

There are many shotgun scabbards on the market but there are many that all look and function the same. Some have a single shoulder strap and other have molle attachment straps.

We challenged our designers to come up with a better and unique way to carry a tactical shotgun for urban military operations, SWAT team breachers and those Zombie hunter/killers that love shotguns.

Here is what we came up with –

First design consideration:
The shotgun needed to be carried centered vertically on the back with out the butt stock protruding above the head. Most scabbards or slings carry the shotgun diagonally across the body which make drawing the shotgun convenient but increases the area needed to pass through a door way or going through low hanging trees or brush. We over came this by increasing the scabbard opening which allows the shotgun to be drawn from center vertical position.

Four point harness

Second design consideration:

Eliminate the sling or diagonal strap. The shotgun scabbard is designed with a four point system to keep the shotgun in center vertical position (two shoulder straps, a chest strap and a waist strap). This streamlines the body signature, secures the scabbard to the body and creates a steady platform to draw the shotgun. The 2" row of webbing down the middle allows for the waist strap adjustment to fit the different torso lengths. It can also be used to mount the scabbard to other gear.


Pry tool pocket

Third design consideration:

Add a simple way to carry an additional entry tool like a pry tool for door kickers and breachers. A simple diagonal 2” piece of webbing was all we needed. This allow up to an 18” pry tool that can be quickly drawn from the scabbard from center vertical position with the left hand.


Securing strap

Fourth design consideration:

How to secure the shotgun in the scabbard to prevent the shotgun from sliding out if an inverted situation occurs and make it easy to undo. We added a 1” webbing that loops over the butt of the shotgun and attaches to a quick release buckle. This prevents the shotgun from sliding out and can be undone from center vertical position.

The most advanced shotgun scabbard on the market today. The Scabbard is available in Multicam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Coyote, Ranger Green, Khaki, Woodland, OD and Black.

Shotgun Scabbard Dimensions












Check out how well the scabbards supports a shotgun during a run.