The Beez Combat Systems BEEZ I/O BELT™ is the next generation in tactical and battle belts. The BEEZ I/O BELT™ is constructed from state of the art laser cut laminates and technology and combined with American made webbing making this one of the most advanced load bearing belts available on the market.

The BEEZ I/O BELT™ is a two part belt system providing the end user with both an inner belt and an outer belt. The inner belt provides the stabilization to the BEEZ I/O BELT™ design. The inner belt provides the right amount of rigidity, loop attachment area and adjustment utilizing the G-Hook. The height of the inner belt is 1.75″ in total.

The outer belt is slightly more rigid than that of the inner belt and includes enough flexibility for mounting accessory pouches, magazine pouches and other pouches to the exterior of the outer belts laser cut MOLLE compatible attachment points. The outer belt is also equipped with an Austin Alpine D-Ring Cobra® buckle. The interior of the outer belt is lined with hook Velcro allowing the end user with ease of access that is both quick and secure. The outer belt also includes a height of 1.75″ keeping this tactical belt one of the lowest profile belts available on the market.

Small belts begin with waist sizes starting at 31″, medium at 35″, large at 39″ and extra large being at 43″. The Beez Combat Systems BEEZ I/O BELT™ is available in a wide variety of camouflage patterns, is 100% laser cut and is manufactured in the United States.

The Beez Combat Systems BEEZ I/O BELT™ is not designed to be used with any type of harness, SPIES extraction harness or to be used in a rappelling function. The misuse of these belts could result in serious injury or even death. Beez Combat Systems Inc. is not responsible nor is liability connected to the misuse of this product or loss, damage or expenses arising from improper use of this product.