The APTUM™ Minimalist is a low profile zero visibility design of the Beez Combat Systems APTUM™ Plate Carrier. The low profile design of the APTUM™ Minimalist can be upscaled utilizing the three, four, five and even six magazine chest rigs for both the AK and AR rifle platforms. This allows the operator a minimalist approach to field operations with the option of comfortably adding necessary tools and equipment if the mission at hand calls for it.

The shoulder straps on the APTUM™ Minimalist are designed so that additional material can be easily concealed by tucking the shoulder straps into the rear plate pocket of the plate carrier after size adjustments are made. This allows the operator zero visibility as no additional material from the shoulder straps can be seen from the rear through clothing items such as shirts, sweaters and jackets.
On both the front and back of the APTUM™ Minimalist a Velcro ID panel can be found allowing the operator the ability to attach identification markers such as blood type, drug allergies and Velcro patches pertaining to their unique law enforcement agencies.  Both the front and rear Velcro ID panels encompass the width of the plate carrier allowing for larger or multiple patches to be attached.
A three inch elastic cummerbund comes standard with the APTUM™ Minimalist. This allows the operator the utmost comfort regarding their plate carrier if worn underneath shirts, sweaters and jackets. The three inch elastic cummerbund also comes equipped with handles allowing the operator ease of access when putting on or taking off the APTUM™ Minimalist. On the front of the APTUM™ Minimalist a front panel is available with Velcro on both the inside and outside of the panel. This allows the operator the option of quickly attaching the cummerbund once they have put on their carrier as well as the ability to tuck away their cummerbund if operations require a physical detainment or apprehension.
Available in Mulitcam, Multicam Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, Black