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AR Chest Rig Split Front 6 Mag GRID

In today’s purpose built industry of tactical gear split front chest rigs provide several benefits for enlisted personnel, law enforcement and responsible citizens working in a wide variety of professions. The Beez Combat Systems AR Chest Rig Split Front 6 Mag GRID is the lowest profile chest rig on the market with a laser cut design reducing overall weight while simultaneously increasing load bearing strength and capabilities.
Quiet professionals such as those working in areas of operation gathering battlefield information and other surveillance especially benefit from the Beez Combat Systems chest rig split front GRID. These quiet professionals require minimal movement while maintaining a low profile. The AR chest rig split front GRID allows this by increasing the operator’s ability to go prone without obstructing his or her range of motion when reaching for important essentials needed for the mission at hand.  A Velcro insertion built within the chest rig split front GRID is accessible while lying prone allowing for important intelligence such as maps and other information pertaining to the objective to be at the ready.
Law enforcement units such as hostage rescue, negotiations and SWAT typically have a sniper or over-watch team working on scene. These operators may endure hours on end in the prone position until the situation is resolved. If the proper load out is not used than this position can be tiresome which retrospectively may cost lives. The Beez Combat Systems AR chest rig split front 6 mag GRID allows operators working in these special tactics units the ability to withstand the time duration of crisis scenarios while maintaining comfort and taking advantage of the real estate and user configuration.
The Beez Combat Systems AR Chest Rig Split Front 6 Mag GRID is equipped with adjustable shoulders and quick release waist buckles and is made from 1000 denier Cordura. The split front chest rig is also MIL-Spec thread and Velcro and is manufactured in the United States. H-harnesses are also available which provide additional real estate for load bearing essentials such as GRIDLOK radio pouches for reconnaissance operations. The H-harness includes a drag handle suitable for two man sniper teams or over-watch units.