Hiding from Black Hot Thermal Drones and Scopes

The Black Hot Thermal Color Palette is literally the opposite of the White Hot Thermal Color Palette. Still a favorite among law enforcement agencies and military personnel, the Black Hot Thermal Color Palette is excellent for identifying heat signatures in thick vegetation and in urban environments. The Black Hot Thermal Color Palette is as exactly as it sounds: Heat signatures appear as black while cooler more colder signatures will appear as white.

Black Hot thermal imaging is commonly seen in movies, video games and in war theaters throughout the globe such as the conflicts that occurred in the middle east in the early 2000’s. To hide from the Black Hot thermal color palette is just as simple as when hiding from the White Hot thermal color palette. Naturally, while in thick vegetation the treetop canopy will do well to mask heat signatures when evading thermal drone technology as well as in urban environments while inside buildings or under rooftops. This is because the distance between the heat signature emerging from the body and the object in between the viewing lense literally blocks the heat signature from reaching the lens for detection.

However, if the vegetation becomes too thin or the urban environment lacks the proper roofing to avoid thermal drone detection than a piece of equipment such as the Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET will be needed. The Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET acts as a hide and does well to shield body heat from thermal detection especially when distance is created between the end user and the product itself.