A biological weapons eradication team is deployed to take out a possible terrorist plan utilizing the latest deadly biological agent that could impose a global pandemic. The COVID-19 ZETA weapon has been smuggled into a classified location into the North American Southwest. A sniper team supported by a drone operation tactics team moves in to find and destroy the target.

Utilizing some of the most advanced concealment equipment such as the Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ COBRA LITE, the sniper team moves in on foot to rendezvous with two MRAZR units in order to scale the unforgiving terrain of mountain and desert. The MRAZRs themselves are also equipped with the Predator Ghillie™ MRAZR Panel Wraps in order to remain undetected by countersniper overwatch units as well as enemy drones and aircraft. In order to ensure all equipment and essential tools can be utilized CrossFire Packs are also mounted to the exterior of the MRAZRs during the transport.

As the MRAZR units reach their vantage points the sniper team deploys once again on foot to ascertain long range reconnaissance and surveillance in order to maintain the initiative to find and destroy their target. As the sniper team progresses on foot, the drone team launches a small tactical drone to provide aerial surveillance and confirm target location.
The sniper team treks through tough mountainous and rocky terrain in order to ensure they are not detected by any enemy terrorists that could be guarding the target. The Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ COBRA LITE ensures their silhouette is broken up amongst the rocky terrain. Both Multicam® and Multicam ARID® Predator Ghillie™ COBRA LITE’s are utilized for the mountainous rocky desert terrain. Predator Ghillie™ GAT WRAPs are also wrapped around each member’s weapon belonging to the sniper team. As the sniper team takes their position the Predator Ghillie™ APEX TRIPOD WRAP is also utilized to properly conceal one of the most advanced tripods created by RRS.
The sniper team confirms one enemy combatant armed with an AK-47 guarding a comstock with the possible contents of the biological weapon COVID-19 ZETA located inside. After confirming the enemy combatant using thermal technology the sniper team requests and receives permission to engage. In one single suppressed shot, the enemy combatant is no longer a threat.
A small arms tactics team moves in after the drone team confirms that the contents of the biological weapon COVID-19 ZETA is in fact located within the comstock. The small arms team moves in and eliminates the weapon saving the world from another deadly pandemic. This highly classified and top-secret team will remain unidentified and never will receive credit for their operation saving the globe’s population.

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