BCS GRIDLOK pouches – A Law Enforcement’s Perspective
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December 4, 2018 – 9:59 am

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A Law Enforcement’s Perspective 

In the challenging career field of Law Enforcement dependable tactical gear is of the upmost importance. This being said, in order to complete the job of a law enforcement officer the tactical gear being utilized must have a reputation of reliability all while maintaining a low profile design. Beez Combat Systems’ has done just that with their GRIDLOK line of pouches. Specifically the handcuff pouch, pistol magazine pouches and of course the TQ pouch.

Handcuff Pouch
The handcuff pouch designed by Beez Combat Systems includes a universal fit handcuff pouch with the GRIDLOK mounting ability. GRIDLOK utilizes a laser cut design that allows the law enforcement officer the ability of load-bearing capabilities without having to purchase from another tactical-gear manufacturer. During an apprehension, whether it is an actual arrest or a temporary detainment, a handcuff pouch must be within hands reach without ever taking eyes off of the perpetrator.  That being said, Beez Combat Systems includes an enlarged pull tab on the handcuff pouch allowing the officer easy accessibility when making an arrest.
The handcuff pouch mounts securely to either a chest rig, duty belt or plate carrier and comes in a variety of colors that law enforcement personnel will benefit from. A Velcro fastener via a closed top design allows for the handcuffs to remain secure to the body during a physical apprehension if the suspected perpetrator decides to resist arrest.  The low profile design of the handcuff pouch also provides the law enforcement officer with a zero visibility approach when making contact with potential criminals.
Pistol Magazine Pouches
Beez Combat Systems has designed two pistol magazine pouches under the GRIDLOK line that provide law enforcement with both the open top and closed top design. The closed top design protects the pistol magazine against common weather elements such as rain, sleet, snow and hail. The open top design includes a bungee retention strap that allows for law enforcement personnel to quickly withdraw the magazine in case such a need arises.
Both pistol magazine pouches from Beez Combat Systems on the GRIDLOK line include a low profile and zero visibility design.  The GRIDLOK mounting ability provides both security and ease of mind so that the law enforcement officer may be able to reload his or her sidearm in a crisis situation without ever having to break eye contact against the threat.  GRIDLOK pistol magazine pouches by Beez Combat Systems are available in a variety of colors that suit the different uniforms of specific units within Law Enforcement such as SWAT, Hostage Negotiations and Gang Enforcement Units.
TQ Pouch
In today’s world Law Enforcement are expected to have basic medical training. This includes applying basic first aid, CPR and of course tourniquets. Many states have in fact passed laws that require law enforcement personnel to have deescalation training so that in case their firearm is ever used they can apply the proper first aid care to ensure that the criminal has his or her day in court. This requires innovative tactical gear in order for a law enforcement officer to properly perform their duties.
Beez Combat Systems has done just that by providing the GRIDLOK TQ Pouch. The Beez Combat Systems GRIDLOK TQ Pouch can hold one of the CAT style tourniquets or the RATS style tourniquet. With this innovative tactical gear Beez Combat Systems has ensured that law enforcement personnel can complete their duties regarding deescalation tactics as well as applying first aid to dangerous criminals once the threat has been eliminated.
The GRIDLOK pouch line is now available.

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