Micro Rigs to Recce/Sustainment Rigs

recce [ rek-ee ] 
noun. Slang
         1. (Military (Especially in British military use)) reconnaissance:
sus tain ment
         1.The support or maintenance of someone or something, especially military equipment or personnel:
“Oh how the tides turn.” The tactical community and industry has seen a recent trend takeover of micro rigs within the last few years. Minimalist style loadouts that reduce the carrying capacity to two to three rifle magazines, maybe two pistol magazines and (if you’re lucky) a basic individual first aid kit (IFAK). Although these style loadouts are beneficial to those working in low profile operations, such as grey man security members or covert operators, the primary demand of the modern battlefield has always leaned towards “recce” or sustainment style loadouts.
In order to be prepared as much as possible a rule of thumb must always be remembered: “One is none and two is one.” A basic sustainment loadout allows the individual operator the ability to deploy and operate within a wartime theater quicker than combat configured loads (CCLs), one of the six doctrinal ammunition load types. According to the U.S. Army: “Sustainment, operational and mission configured loads are better for shorter operations and can be issued faster than ammunition in a CCL.” Sustainment loads specifically concentrate on supply to initiate operations.
This is not to say that micro loadouts are bad, nor that sustainment (recce) loadouts are better however; one must understand and prepare for the mission at hand. Much of today’s battles are focused entirely around sustainment capabilities. In fact, sustainment operations enable force readiness meaning, the principles of sustainment are essential to maintaining combat power, enabling strategic and operational reach while providing allied forces with endurance.
In layman’s terms; the ability for the individual warfighter to sustain their own load is essential to the overall objective. The ability to turn the micro style loadouts to a recce or sustainment style loadout is now essential for the modern day battlefield. This is now possible with tactical gear designed to mount micro loadouts while simultaneously including additional real estate thus saving the individual operator time, money and stress during the micro to recce conversion process.
This is possible with the Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING line. This includes the S2, S3 and S4 series SIDEWINGs which are compatible with Spiritus Systems’ micro rigs. The A2 and A3 are compatible with Beez Combat Systems’ APTUM(tm) line. The H3 is compatible with Haley Strategic micro rigs and of course the R2 and R3 are compatible with RDR micro rigs.
Take your micro rig to SUSTAINMENT LEVEL with Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING.