NIJ Carriers

The NIJ carrier is excellent for adding the capability of converting your concealable soft armor panels into an outer vest carrier with hard armor plates. The low-profile design make the carrier well suited for Law Enforcement, high-risk PSD work and mounted operations and can easily be concealed under a light jacket or 5.11 tactical style vest. The intentional omission of webbing and other unnecessary features makes these carriers perfect for use with chest rigs and assault vests.

The NIJ carriers are available in two versions. The NIJ and NIJ II. The NIJ II carrier incorporates  a 2" loop and webbing on the shoulder. Both carrier have internal plate pockets to support had plates.

FEATURES: • All seams double stitched • Cordura or Crye materials • Mil-Spec Velcro • Four-point adjustable waist straps • Adjustable shoulder straps with load bearing dispersion fabric sewn in • Accomodates 10" x 12" or 11" x 14" • Overlapping side coverage • Low Profile design makes concealment possible even with level IV armor

The NIJ carrier is designed as a one size fits all. In general this carrier will comfortably fit all NIJ rated soft armor panels from 40R – 48L and can comfortably adjust down to waist sizes as small as 30" or up to 40".

We also make custom carriers to fit your custom cut armor. Please contact us or follow the custom carrier link on our website to have a custom carrier built.