APTUM™ Front Flap Buckle/G-HOOK 3 Cell Elastic TQ

Beez Combat Systems has revolutionized the APTUM™ Front Flap to keep up with purpose built industry demands. The APTUM™ Plate Carrier by Beez Combat Systems previously had available Front Flaps equipped with laser cut webbing and the option of either Velcro attachment points or G Hook attachment points. Now, as the special operations industry evolves the APTUM™ Plate Carrier Front Flaps are available with several additional features as well as a wide variety of color options.

The APTUM™ Front Flap G Hook 3 Cell Elastic features three elastic magazine AR pockets to accommodate the operator. The elastic magazine AR pockets also come equipped with laser cut webbing located at the front for attachment of pistol magazine pouches. This specific APTUM™ Front Flap also includes the G Hook attachment points and angled pull tabs that facilitate the removal of the Front Flap.
The APTUM™ Front Flap 3 Cell Elastic TQ comes in two options. The first with G Hook attachment points and the second with the option of one inch buckle attachment points. Both Front Flaps feature three cell elastic magazine AR pockets as well as laser cut webbing for attachment of pistol magazine pouches. On the left and right sides of the APTUM™ Front Flap 3 Cell Elastic TQ are two elastic loops for items such as pens and glow sticks. Angled pull tabs can also be located at the bottom of the Front Flap as well as a TQ elastic sleeve compatible with the North American Rescue Gen7 CATs tourniquet.
All APTUM™ Front  Flaps consist of MIL-Spec elastic and MIL-Spec thread and Velcro. All Beez Combat Systems APTUM™ Front Flaps are also Berry Compliant and are manufactured in the United States. The APTUM™ Plate Carriers also come available in a variety of options based upon armor style; this includes the APTUM™ Swimmer, the APTUM­™ SAPI and the APTUM™ Shooter plate carriers.
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