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The Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING HH3; Haley Strategic Heavy 3 (D3CRH), allows the end user to convert their already existing Haley Strategic D3CRH Heavy Chest Rig into an even larger sustainment rig increasing its overall carrying capacity. The Haley Strategic D3CRH compliments a low-profile design but lacks real estate for essential gear and equipment necessary for the end user such as space for radio pouches and full-size medical pouches. The Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING HH3 allows the end user the same additional low-profile design with an easy upgrade to include additional necessary equipment such as radio and full-size medical pouches without having to ditch their already existing Haley Strategic gear investment.

The Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING HH3 provides the end user with an additional three laser cut columns on each end allowing additional space not just limited to radio or full-size medical pouches. The additional real estate is secured by the Beez Combat Systems laser cut GRIDLOK design and additional bungee retention via strategic laser cut hole attachment points. The lock down flap secures to MOLLE webbing directly on the inside of the magazine pouch.

The end user is not just limited to the real estate space on the SIDEWING itself. Upgrades such as the Padded Harness include additional laser cut MOLLE webbing on the rear as well as a reinforced drag handle. Additional upgrades also include the CRMB, Chest Rig MOLLE Belt, allowing the end user additional even more additional real estate.
The Haley Strategic D3CRH is already designed for .308 magazine style cartridges as well as the D3CRH is also designed to complement pistol magazines for 1911, Glock, M&P, Sig, XD and a wide variety of other style pistol magazines. The Beez Combat Systems SIDWING HH3 compliments additional options for either .308 magazine style cartridges and/or additional pistol magazine pouches.
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