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The Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING HX3 increases the carrying capacity of the Haley Strategic D3CRX micro chest rig to a full sustainment loadout for end users looking to increase their carrying capacity without investing into an entirely new rig. The Haley Strategic D3CRX is a popular micro chest rig capable of being utilized as a low profile load out without leaving a large imprint in daily wear such as a sweatshirt or jacket. With the Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING HX3 end users of the Haley Strategic D3CRX can still maintain a comfortable low profile while increasing mission essential gear and tools.

The Haley Strategic D3CRX provides the end user with rifle pouches compatible with AK and AR style magazines. This includes magazines calibered in 7.62x39mm and 5.45×39. The pistol pouches are designed to accept a variety of pistol magazines from various pistol platforms such as Glock, 1911, Sig, M&P and of course XD. However, the Haley Strategic D3CRX is intentionally designed to not include a radio of full-size medical pouch.

With the Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING HX3 end users can increase their carrying capacity to include a radio pouch, any size medical pouch, additional rifle magazine pouches, additional pistol magazine pouches and of course much more! The Beez Combat Systems SIDWING HX3 is also designed to provide the end user with a front drop dangler pouch such as a Beez Combat Systems T Bag or Mini T Bag.

The Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING HX3 provides the end user with additional upgrades such as the Padded Harness. Allowing the end user to swap out the X-Harness with a Padded Harness that provides increased real-estate for mission essential gear and even a drag handle. The SIDEWING HX3 can also be sold with the Beez Combat Systems’ CRMB (Chest Rig MOLLE Belt) which provides additional real estate and security.

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