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Is there a different carrier or cover for my Interceptor IBA armor/IOTV armor ?


We get this question a lot from guys that have either Interceptor IBA front opening three piece body armor or the newer IOTV Gen1 and Gen2 two piece body armor.

Here is the difference between the BCS OTV and IOTV body armor cover or carrier:

BCS makes covers or carriers that will fit both styles of body armor. The BCS OTV carrier is an improved Interceptor IBA cover that coverts the three piece armor set into a two piece body armor carrier. This design allows for major improvement like; Front and rear hard plate adjustment, continues molle webbing across the front of the carrier, Simpler to put on and take off and has attachment points for the armor accessories ( groin, back protector, collar, Daps).

The BCS IOTV cover/carrier supports both IOTV Gen1 and Gen2 cut body armor. Our goal with this carrier was to make it lighter and simpler. This carrier is not a quick release carrier intentionally because we wanted to lighten it up. By removing the quick release mechanism apparatus the carrier is once again basic, effective and light…KISS(Keep it simple stupid). As well, this carrier provides all the great features as the OTV and has the armor accessory attachment points so the issue accessories can be used.

The BCS OTV and IOTV are available in three different versions (LBAV, Molle, Cumber) and multiple colors(Multicam, A-TACS, Coyote, Ranger Green,Khaki, Black) so the operator has more options. If a custom version or modification is need just let us know and we will see what we can do.



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