Flash Bang / OC Pouch (Closed Top) GRIDLOK
Written by Beez
April 24, 2019 – 9:50 am

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The Beez Combat Systems Flash Bang / OC Pouch GRIDLOK is a piece of military equipment that everyone should own. The flash bang / OC pouch is 100 percent laser cut, Berry Compliant and is manufactured in the United States.  The pouch also includes laser cut drain holes to ensure no moisture or condensation develops when operating in cold and wet climate conditions. The Beez Combat Systems Flash Bang / OC Pouch also includes GRIDLOK attachment technology allowing the operator to mount this pouch onto any MOLLE compatible tactical gear.
This pouch fits the MK3 and the MK4 style canisters suitable for units who commonly work with non-lethal weaponry within law enforcement agencies and the armed forces.  The two inch woven elastic band atop the pouch ensures a snug fit as well as the flap located on the top of the pouch serves three useful purposes: The flap primarily secures the canister into the pouch, ensures signature management by covering the canister’s factory appearance and finally serves as a laser cut pull tab to ensure easy access to the canister located within the pouch.
The Flash Bang / OC Pouch GRIDLOK by Beez Combat Systems is available in several colors including multicam, coyote, black and ranger green. The pouch holds one canister at a time and mounts vertically to any MOLLE compatible tactical gear. This includes plate carriers, chest rigs, battle belts and even backpacks. Specialized units who work primarily in scenarios involving hostage rescue and negotiations will especially benefit from the Beez Combat Systems Flash Bang / OC Pouch as well
With the GRIDLOK attachment technology the Flash Bang / OC Pouch is secured keeping in tune with the low profile zero visibility design all while allowing the operator the confidence of not loosening. Flash bang pouches are victim to rough use especially when needing the tools and equipment within them in a moment’s notice. With Beez Combat Systems GRIDLOK attachment technology this Flash Bang / OC Pouch is guaranteed to stay secured and mounted to whatever piece of tactical gear utilized with it.

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