Beez Combat Systems GRIDLOK Load Out
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April 27, 2019 – 11:26 am

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 GRIDLOK Pistol and Rifle Pouches

All Beez Combat Systems GRIDLOK pistol and rifle pouches are 100 percent laser cut, Berry Compliant and are manufactured in the United States. A variety of options are available from open top to close top AR/M4 and AK style rifle pouches as well as open top to close top pistol pouches. Each rifle and pistol pouch in GRIDLOK by Beez Combat Systems comes with the GRIDLOK attachment technology. Open top magazine pouches include a bungee retention system and the closed top magazine pouches include a Velcro closure tab that doubles as a laser cut pull tab for faster reloading.

Flash Bang / OC Pouch 
The Flash Bang / OC Pouch GRIDLOK by Beez Combat Systems is one of the most essential pieces of tactical equipment to own. This flash bang pouch fits the MK3 and the MK4 style canisters and comes complete with laser cut drain holes. The GRIDLOK attachment technology allows the flash bang pouch to be mounted vertically to any MOLLE compatible gear.
Tourniquet TQ II Pouch
The Beez Combat Systems Tourniquet TQ II Pouch in GRIDLOK is the upgraded tourniquet pouch that allows for trauma scissors to be equipped as well as a signature management option.  The low profile zero visibility design of the TQ II Pouch GRIDLOK by Beez Combat Systems allows the pouch to be vertically mounted almost anywhere that MOLLE compatible real estate will allow it. The TQ II Pouch secures the trauma scissors via a Velcro strap atop the Velcro flap that secure any RAT or CATS style tourniquet.
Folding Dump Pouch

The folding dump pouch by Beez Combat Systems is perfect for a heavy load out option in which empty magazines need to be collected quickly. Completely folded the dump pouch sizes in at 2″ x 4″. When completely deployed the dump pouch can hold up to seven AR/M4 magazines or five AK style magazines. The folding dump pouch GRIDLOK by Beez Combat Systems also comes equipped with laser cut drain holes to held reduce excess moisture or condensation when working in wet and cold climate conditions.


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