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Folding Dump Pouch GRIDLOK

The folding dump pouch GRIDLOK by Beez Combat Systems is a low profile dump pouch coming in at 2″ X 4″ when folded and capable of holding up to seven AR / M4 magazines or five AK magazines when fully deployed.  When attached to a combat belt the folding dump pouch maintains a discreet low profile with an almost zero visibility. The folding dump pouch comes equipped with a bungee retention system at the top of the pouch that prevents empty magazines from wobbling when the dump pouch is deployed. A Velcro pull tab can also be found at the top of the folding dump pouch allowing additional security when the dump pouch is folded and deployed.
The Beez Combat Sysems folding dump pouch is equipped with GRIDLOK attachment technology allowing the operator to attach the dump pouch to any MOLLE compatible piece of equipment. The GRIDLOK technology allows for a lock down of the pouch that maintains a low profile feel and almost zero visibility look.  The folding dump pouch GRIDLOK also includes a drain hole within the pouch to reduce excess moisture when operating in cold and wet climate conditions.
The folding dump pouch GRIDLOK is an excellent piece of equipment for scenarios in which speed reloads and tactical reloads need to be utilized during quick response incidents or training events.  Many times magazines are immediately dropped within the operators work space during live fire sequences however, once those magazines need to be collected, and quickly, the Beez Combat Systems folding dump pouch GRIDLOK is that vital piece of military equipment. The Beez Combat Systems dump pouch is also a popular piece of equipment among professional air soft teams who carry several magazines during competitions and training exercises.
The folding dump pouch GRIDLOK is made in the USA and is 100 percent laser cut. Two GRIDLOK straps are sewn in for vertical attachment. The folding dump pouch GRIDLOK is also Berry compliant and is available in multicam, coyote, black and ranger green.