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Afghan Zombies – Saiga-12 Chest rig

A German Post Exchange at Kandahar Airfield reports, that Zombie Hunter patches are continually sold out.

Is Afghanistan really a ‘graveyard of empires?’

Afghanistan’s rugged terrain, climate and impregnable clan loyalties have not changed between modern and past military operations. The campaigns of Alexander the Great, the British in the era of Kipling, and the late Soviet Union were unable to win Afghanistan. The greatest massacre of British soldiers in the history of the British empire happened in Afghanistan.

The world’s great armies all eventually ran into trouble in their encounters with the unruly Afghan tribals or maybe the zombies. Zombies represent a force not unlike the Taliban. A foe with inscrutable motives that doesn’t seem to need to eat or sleep, and no matter how many you kill…they pursue the living with implacable determination.

Killing zombies requires a decapitating or skull-crushing blow. Destroying the brain is the most common way of killing zombies. Destroy the brain… bottom line. Traditionally, the best tool for this is a shotgun with buckshot.

Special operation Zombie Hunter teams are taking the fight to within feet by using shotguns that provide the fire power to exterminate. This brings a new meaning to “One Shot, One Kill”. Teams are being outfitted with Saiga-12 Kalashnikov-pattern semi-automatic 12 gauge combat shotguns, Hornady Zombie Max Shotgun Ammo and BCS Saiga-12 chest rigs to support over 40 rounds of decapitating fire power.

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