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Spartan Armor Systems – Beez Combat Systems Plate Carriers


Spartan Armor Systems Logo

 Defend whats yours…. LIKE A SPARTAN

Spartan Armor Systems is a new division under TheTargetMan. The new division and  website will specialize in armor systems focused around the quality AR500 Omega Steel body armor. The new divisions will allow for better branding and market growth.


Spartan Armor System has become the leader in affordable steel body armor plates. These guys have taken steel body armor to the next level with their quality manufacturing and advanced coating process to minimize spall with proven fragmentation mitigation.  If you are in the market for AR500 steel body armor you need not look any further.

Spartan Armor Systems grand opening

Grand Opening – Spartan Armor Systems is offering a great buy for this event. These plates and plate carriers won’t last long. Limited to just 20 sets!. Watch for the special offer to be made in the next few days.

The Grand Opening special is for two front and back coated formed Spartan Armor plates and one Beez Combat Systems AR500 Plate Carrier Molle. The plate carrier molle includes the two shoulder pads and four PC pads. Our AR500 plate carrier product line was designed to support these plates and is a state of the art plate carrier. Built specifically to fit the plates like a glove and hold the steel plate weight. This is worth over $346 of armor and plate carrier for just $269.99. That’s right! and shipping is free.

Now is the time to up armor and   Defend whats yours…. LIKE A SPARTAN