Body Armor Carrier – Custom A-TACS FG OTV
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May 31, 2013 – 9:36 am

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Custom carrier for custom cut body armor A-TACS FG

One of our customers contacted us about getting an OTV (Outer Tactical Vest) made for his custom cut body armor. He wanted a carrier that would support both soft and hard armor, a full cumber bun, drag handle, Velcro for ID and wanted it in A-TACS FG.

He followed our custom body armor instructions and filled out the custom carrier form. He traced out his soft armor panels and provided us the desired features of his OTV. Once his armor paper outlines arrived with the details we were able to send him a quote.

If you have custom cut body armor, you have it for a reason. It fits your body better and let’s you do your job better. Why not have a custom cut OTV?. We make it really easy to get a custom Outer Tactical Vest made for your custom cut body armor.

Custom body armor Carrier A-TACS FG backCustom body armor carrier right side A-TACS FGCustom carrier A-TACS FG back body armor









These pictures were taken by On The Ready Media at a recent tactical training event put on by Nielsen Training Associates – a specialized  firearms, consulting, and self-defense training organization for Law Enforcement and Military personnel/units, as well as to law-abiding citizens in the Northern California area.

 On The Ready Media started late last year and offer action photography, cinematography, videography, and slow-motion capture. They specialize in the firearms training industry providing photos and video to their host’s clients. On The Ready Media uses state of the art media gear, Canon Digital equipment, video sliders, stabilizers, a DSLR rig, and multiple tripods.

Check out the video of their slow-motion capture.



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