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Plate Carrier Elastic AR500 Omega Armor

We had a couple days of shotgun range time so we threw on the Plate Carrier Elastic AR500 Omega armor to see how the new PC performed. These were long days so the shoulders pads and PC pads got a workout.

The 4” elastic sides are made of a high quality elastic and is very durable. It provides the right amount of tension to keep the plates in tight but provide enough give when needed.








There is hook and loop sewn on both sides of the elastic so they can be overlapped underneath the front cumber for additional adjustment. The front flap has plenty of hook and loop to secure the side straps.

The Plate Carrier Elastic AR500 Omega Armor ran like a champ. Steel plates are heavier than ceramic but much thinner. The well thought out design of the carrier made a huge difference in comfort. Shoulder pads are recommended.

When purchasing armor their our many considerations. Level-protection, cost, weight, shelf life, material, handling..etc. Basically protection level/cost/weight. When you can pick up a set of coated steel AR500 Omega steel formed plates for $160 a pair it is hard to beat.

The Plate Carrier is designed with two pieces of vertical loop on both the front and back. The loop allows the attachment of PC pads or the attachment of a soft armor backer to increase the level of protection. Check out more info on the PC pads

The steel plates are made by TheTargetMan. He has taken steel plates to the next level. He is continually looking for ways to improve steel plates.

If you looking for a cost effective way to up armor steel might be for you.