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Multicam Alpine™ Predator Ghillie™ Helmet Cover

As the battlefield evolves so does the need for effective camouflage patterns. Multicam Alpine™helps reduce the wearers visual silhouette and outline while operating within environments that experience heavy snowfall. Multicam Alpine™ was developed recently in 2013 and has proven to be one of the best choices of camouflage patterns for military personnel and law enforcement.

The Multicam Alpine™ camouflage pattern uses only just three shades of grey and white. Multicam Alpine™ can be easily paired with other Multicam™ camouflage patterns to ultimately reduce the wearer’s overall visual identification throughout various terrains that range from limited to heavy snowfall.

The Predator Ghillie™ Helmet Cover by Beez Combat Systems is now available in the Multicam Alpine™ camouflage pattern. This specific camouflage pattern is especially useful as a helmet cover as most ballistic helmets are available in darker toned colors. This allows the operator to increase concealment and break up the outlines of their helmet while working in high mountain areas and environments with heavy snowfall.

The Predator Dreads offered by Beez Combat Systems are also available in the Multicam Alpine™ camouflage pattern and will also significantly increase concealment while breaking up the outlines of the helmet.