Infidel Body Armor – Bellator Plate Carrier designed by Beez Combat Systems
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February 6, 2014 – 9:22 am

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Infidel Plate Carrier Multicam Front

Infidel body armor logo

We have designed a Plate Carrier Cumber to work with Infidel Body Armor steel plates. The Infidel Body Armor Bellator Plate Carrier will be available late Feburay. IBA is taking pre-orders for the carrier now.

The full cumber PC has vertical webbing for attached of QASM buckles and two loop pieces across the front of the cumber flap to support compatible chest rigs like the D3 Haley rig. Shoulder pads provide additional comfort and cable/hydration tube routing. The drag handle in reinforced and low profile.


  • Water Resistant
  • Berry Compliant (made from start to finish with American-made materials)
  • 92 weight thread
  • Mil-spec 1000D cordura
  • Closed cell foam pads
  • Duragrip hook/loop
  • Shoulder pads have loops for equipment and/or hydration tube
  • Include plate carrier pad (not shown)
  • Made in USA

Infidel steel plate 10x12

When the SHTF, this is the armor you want to be wearing.  Durable, and capable of stopping all common North American rifle, shotgun, and pistol rounds.  Plus, we’ve tested our armor with penetrator .223 ammunition, and it barely dented it!   Stops:  M-855 Ball,…

Check out Infidel Body Armor to get your hands on the new Bellator Plate Carrier and Plates. Us the discount code “BELLATOR” and get 5% off.


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