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Custom Body Armor Carrier

Do you have a set of custom cut body armor and can’t find a carrier? Or do you need to convert that soft armor into an outer tactical vest? Our custom body armor carriers do just that.

Many Law Enforcement and Government agencies have custom cut body armor that are issued with a light weight cotton carrier that doesn’t support molle attachments or support hard plates.

Security Contractors, Executive Protection Professionals and Private Investigators use body armor as well and need the ability to take their low profile custom cut soft armor and increase the level of protection with hard plates.

An Executive Protection Service and training company, Up Armored USA contacted us about enhancing some of their NIJ style cut soft body armor with new custom body armor carrier that would support front and back hard plates.

They also need molle on the rear of the carrier for a small med kit, some additional small molle compatible pouches and attachment points for a hydration carrier.

Both the front and back of the carrier have large 4” velcro loop for identification patches that run the length of the carrier.

We can take any custom cut body armor, NIJ, BALCS, OTV or IOTV cut armor and make a carrier. All we need is a paper outline of the body armor and a few details about the custom carrier and we can make the carrier to fit. Here is a link to our custom body armor carrier instructions – Custom Carrier Instructions.

We offer nine different colors -Multicam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Coyote, Khaki, OD, Ranger Green, Woodland and Black. A couple different waist configurations – elastic, buckles, cummberbund. Molle and velcro options. Hard plate pockets and drag handle.

You can design your custom body armor carrier for your threat environment.