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Custom Body Armor Carrier – New Form


We have been building custom body armor carriers for years and have built carriers for armor made by Velocity, American Body Armor (ABA), SAVVY- Armor For Women, PROTECH, Second Chance, Point Blank, US Armor , KDH and many others. We are excited to introduce this new form to make it easier to make a custom body armor carrier for our clients.

The new form includes two images that depict the end user with his or her body armor on and the needed measurements.

The A to B measurement is from the center of the body(around the belly button area) to the edge of the back panel. Some armor cuts do have overlap over the front panel but the measurement is to the back panel edge.

The C to D measurement is from the top edge of the front panel over the shoulder the top edge of the back panel.

Both of the measurements help us build a better and more comfortable custom body armor carrier.


A custom body armor carrier for Law Enforcement will cost effectively convert that custom cut body armor into an OTV(Outer Tactical Vest). Female officers that are on tactical teams this is an ideal solution. Hard plate pockets, velcro and drag handle can all be added to the OTV.

Low vis vest with hard plate pockets are increasing in popularity. If you need to up armor and stay low profile, one of our low vis vest will do the job.

Tactical groups that have changed to a new camouflage pattern and need to update your Tactical Vest. We offer 12 different colors and camouflage patterns.

Beez Combat Systems color images red

Range Masters, Firearms Instructors, Public Safety, Fire Fighters, and EMS – Red has been added to our color options. A high visibility custom carrier can be made to support your body armor panels.

BALCS LVR Low Vis Rig Chest Rig ITW QASM


Our custom body armor carriers can be made with vertical webbing attachment points to support the ITW QASM buckles. The attachment points will allow the Beez Combat Systems chest rig bib, Mayflower and Haley Strategic rigs to be attached to the carrier. Velcro loop can be requested to support the rigs as well.

We look forward to helping you with your custom cut body armor carrier needs.