BLACK HAT TRAINING – Kalashnikov Coarses – BCS AK Chest Rig
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October 16, 2013 – 7:05 pm

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Black Hat Training Corps out of Eastern Pennsylvania specialize in long range rifle/countersniper marksmanship and tactical instruction, Carbine/Patrol Rifle, Shotgun, handgun instruction, and force on force across changing environmental, landscape, and lighting conditions. These guys are small group of experienced tactical long-range shooters who really take long range marksmanship, carbine, and pistol work seriously, and compete successfully in these disciplines.


BHTC offers a two day Kalashnikov Rifle coarse and has plans to expand their Kalashnikov offerings this coming year. More details below.  One of our customers had the opportunity to run his BCS AK74 chest rig through the coarse.








Black Hat Training Corps has been conducting Kalashnikov rifle training since 2006 with experience with the platform going back to 1987, but this year was the first time the course has been expanded to a full two day offering.

Far from a basic AR-15 style course simply conducted with a different rifle, it is extremely specific to the Kalashnikov platform.  The course emphasizes carrying, deploying, and fighting with the Kalashnikov rifle consistent with how it was designed, and marrying with the training practices of former Combloc units.  For example, movement elements found in the Russian martial art Systema are also taught.   This course is not taught from a lawn chair by pointing with a cigar and shouting.  The instructor shot every one of the drills and conducted all the exercises just like the students.

Engagement distances were from 3 to 300 Yards, and consisted of a variety of drills that put the platform to work the way it was intended to be run.  Zeroing, shooting on the move, working from cover, reloading techniques, combloc-specific pistol transitions, emphasis on displacement, and rapid multiple target engagements rounded out the two days of live fire.   Also covered were recommended accessories, the full uses of the buttstock toolkit, and two segments on Kalashnikov retention and disarm techniques that were drilled until all the students could demonstrate proficiency.

Our AK chest rigs are available for AK47 or AK74 magazines and are offered in a 3mag, 4mag, 5mag, 6mag and 7mag versions. These rigs are designed for the unsupported light fighter.


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