AR500 Plate Carrier – Haley D3 chest rig Highlander
Written by Beez
October 2, 2013 – 7:34 am

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Haley D3 Highland Chest rig BCS plate carrier AR500

Over the passed year we have been adding the vertical molle webbing needed for the attachment of QASM buckles for customers by request to our Plate Carriers and Body Armor Carriers. The vertical webbing allows the integration of QASM buckles so our TLMP (Tactical Load Mount Platform), Mayflower and D3 Haley Chest rigs can easily be attached.

The above picture is from a customer of ours that sent in a picture of his modified BCS AR500 Plate Carrier with Haley Strategic D3 chest rig in Kryptek Highlander. We can’t wait to get more action pics of this kit in action.

We can add the vertical molle webbing for QASM buckle attachment to any of our Plate Carriers, Body Armor Carriers or Custom Body Armor Carriers. If you are looking for a way to attach any of these new platforms send us an email an we will see what we can do.









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