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AK Chest Rig – Pull Forward Lat strap design

We have received multiple request about our unique AK Chest rig pull-forward lat strap design. The pull-forward design allows the operator to adjust the AK chest rig on the fly. Other AK chest rigs require you to remove the rig and undo multiple buckles and make multiple adjustments. This can become a real pain especially if you are in a climate that has dramatic weather extremes where you are continuously layering or down layering clothing. As well if you are in an AO that has extreme threat level changes that requires body armor or concealment.

Our AK chest rig line is designed to give the civilian rifleman/armed citizen the optimum rig to carry AK mags in rural or urban unsupported operations. The elastic bungee/over sized pull tabs provide for excellent mag retention and mag access. There is no rattle rattle because the mags are in individual pockets.Three rows of molle provide plenty of attachment points for radio, hand gun, admin, or gun-shot wound pouches. With plenty of webbing on the shoulders and waist the rig can be worn high on the chest or low around the waist.  X or H harness configuration is available and multiple color options – Multicam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Coyote, Ranger Green, OD, Khaki, SURPAT and Black.
This AK chest rig is an (unconventional warfare) UW chest rig perfect for light fighters. It is simple, robust, effective and designed for the weapon system it supports.