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ABU Plate Carrier – Securtiy Forces US Air Force


ABU plate carrier Airforce Security forces

The ABU Plate Carrier Cumber was designed for the US Air Force Security Forces.

The Plate Carrier Cumber is ideal for the Security Force basic goals to protect the people, property and resources of the U.S. Air Force.

ABU Tiger Strip Plate Carrier Cumber

There has been a increased demand for the ABU plate carrier as the Security Forces are transitioning away from the larger and heavier IOTV body armor carrier.

ABU Plate Carrier

The plate carrier has  plenty of molle  to mount compatible pouches. The carrier also includes hydration/commo routing webbing. Two loops, two diagonal and two shoulder pads with routing webbing to keep things from getting caught. Name tape, ID or blood type can be added to the row of 2″ velcro. The rear of the plate carrier also includes routing webbing loops to keep everything tight. The drag handle is reinforced under two rows of molle. The cumber has three rows of molle on the outside and inside. The inside molle rows support proper side plate placement or additional mag pouches.

ABU Tiger Strip Plate Carrier

A unique feature of the ABU Plate Carrier is the ability to remove the full cummerbund and use it as a lower profile plate carrier. This is a great feature in very hot climates.

If you are a US Air Force Security Force Specialist Airmen this is a great piece of kit to owen.