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White Tactical Gear – Kryptek Yeti Hunt

BeezCombatSystems Kryptek Yeti Chest Rig downthemountain

Kryptek Yeti 1000D Cordura has proved remarkably elusive to those seeking solid evidence of its existence. The Yeti Cordura is elusive as the Yeti himself. We have been tracking down Kryptek Yeti Cordura for over a year with not even a glimpse. There are some faint whispers coming off the top of the Himalayas that Yeti 1000D is out there. At this time, our most recent expedition to find the Yeti has failed.

Yeti Kryptek Chest rig Whitechest rig Kryptek YetiShihan Kryptek Yeti chest rig





A few pictures were captured of a white cordura chest rig with what seemed to be Kryptek Yeti markings. With close observation you can clearly see the Yeti webbing on the chest rig.

Beez Combat Systems will continue the Yeti hunt. Until then, white cordura with Yeti markings gear is available for the winter warrior.