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TQ II Tourniquet Pouch Closed Top GRIDLOK

The TQ II Tourniquet Pouch GRIDLOK by Beez Combat Systems can comfortably hold both the CAT style or RATS style tourniquet. These two style tourniquets are most commonly used among military units, law enforcement personnel, contractors, corporate security, border patrol and responsible citizens making them the highest tourniquet styles in demand. Therefore a GRIDLOK pouch designed around these two style tourniquets make the TQ II GRIDLOK pouch a piece of military equipment that everyone should own.  The design allows for rapid and easy deployment of a tourniquet from any mounted position on a chest rig or plate carrier regardless if the operator is right or left handed.
The newest addition to the Beez Combat Systems TQ II Tourniquet GRIDLOK pouch is the slot and Velcro strap that allow trauma shears to be carried alongside the tourniquet. The trauma shears are simply placed nose down into the slot located directly behind the strap securing the tourniquet. The second Velcro strap than simply slides through either handle of the trauma shears and is secured to the front of the pouch locking the trauma shears into place. This allows for easy access regardless if the operator is left or right handed. This innovative design also provides the operator with additional medical instruments in a low profile design ensuring the operator can cut through clothing in order to provide first aid. 
Another innovative design of the TQ II GRIDLOK pouch by Beez Combat Systems is the signature management tab located directly on the front of the TQ II pouch. The letters ‘TQ’ are laser cut on the front of the pouch allowing for easy identification in an emergency situation however, the TQ II pouch is fitted with a reversible “red” to “black” signature allowing color coordination with other medical supplies or a sleeker more low profile signature for individual operators who work primarily in covert operations.
In today’s world a tourniquet is already necessary and typically a requirement for service personnel of the armed branches as well as for law enforcement however, it is also necessary and usually recommended for even responsible citizens to carry a tourniquet alongside their firearm. For this a color variety is available in muilticam, coyote, black and ranger green. For responsible citizens the GRIDLOK strap allows the TQ II pouch to be fastened to much more than just tactical equipment such as plate carriers or chest rigs. The GRIDLOK attachment technology allows for the attachment to any MOLLE compatible gear.  With the addition of trauma shears and signature management this is a Beez Combat Systems product everyone should own.