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In an ever evolving battlefield the need for next generation concealment technology is here. Beez Combat Systems has introduced the Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET. Available in a variety of A-TACS® camouflage patterns, the Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET serves three primary purposes: 

  • Visual Concealment: The Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET is available in various A-TACS® camouflage patterns which are currently the most advanced military grade camouflage patterns available. The “pattern within a pattern” design helps to significantly break up the operators outline and silhouette effectively concealing the operator at both close and increased distances. The organic pixels are grouped to create strategic “macro” shapes that create larger more defined patterns. This combined with the strategically placed shadow elements create a unique three-dimensional effect significantly reducing the “blobbing” effect other camouflage patterns create when viewed at greater distances. 
  • Thermal Concealment/Counter Thermal: The Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET utilizes complex advanced technology that significantly increase thermal mitigation to effectively reduce thermal signatures detected from thermal imaging technology. In other words, the Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET makes for an excellent counter thermal piece of equipment. The effectiveness of the thermal mitigation technology is increased the greater the distance the operator creates between themselves’ and the SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET. 
  • Night Vision Concealment: Similar to the complex advanced technology utilized to significantly increase thermal mitigation, so too does the SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET effectively reduce the operator’s signature against night vision detection technologies. This includes aerial night vision detection technology and common night vision viewfinder detection technology.  

The Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET can be used as both a HIDE and/or BLIND as well as a camouflage blanket. The SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET can be mounted at a fixed position to create concealment against a terrain or can be mounted at a fixed position above to increase concealment against aerial detection technologies such as fixed winged aircrafts, UAVs and other drones. The SPECTRALFLAGE BLANKET is laser cut and features advanced ghillie visual 3D cut patterns.