Pistol Caliber Carbine Chest Rig GRID
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January 18, 2018 – 12:14 am

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Right now pistol caliber carbines and SBR’s (Short Barreled Rifles) are making a significant impact in the firearms community. However, not much gear is available for these popular conversions and weapons platform preferences. For example, an AR15 converted to a 9mm caliber that can accept Glock magazines is a great firearms platform to take downrange, but operating with an AR chest rig designed for 30 round AR magazines will not benefit the operator or the converted AR.

Various chest rigs that are available on the market designed for pistol and sidearm magazine load outs do not hold up to the standards that professional operators and firearms enthusiasts demand. As well as many of these chest rigs imported from overseas are constructed with materials that do not withstand stress occurred from training downrange.

Some of the considerations when designing the PCC chest rig GRID were that the chest rig must be able to accommodate the most popular weapons conversions and weapon platform chassis that are trending throughout the firearms community. Naturally this research led to findings that Glock magazines were of the most popular options for AR15 conversions to a pistol caliber and that various chassis’ of the RONI conversion kits from CAA Gear Up are in extremely high demand.

Operators of both of these weapons platform preferences run high-capacity Glock magazines that are commonly around 30 rounds. So a chest rig that can comfortably run at least four 30 round magazines seemed ideal.

1” straps were first released with the PCC over each magazine but after field tests and range tests it was realized that 2” straps provided more material for the operator to comfortably reload. The oversized magazine straps allow the operator the ability to reload magazines without breaking eye contact with their target(s).


Just like other chest rigs available from Beez Combat Systems the PCC can also run the CRMB (Chest Rig MOLLE Belt) GRID via the 1” buckles located at the waist. The CRMB allows the operator the option of more MOLLE real-estate for additional magazines or accessory pouches located where a combat belt would be worn.

On both sides of the front of the chest rig additional rows of MOLLE webbing can be found if more magazine shingles would like to be attached. The PCC is the lowest profile chest rig on the market for pistol caliber carbines and SBR conversions kits. The PCC also meets MIL-Spec thread and Velcro and has a variety of color options.

Video of PCC chest rig :



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