Kryptek Mandrake BALCS LVR – Haley D3 Chest Rig
Written by Beez
August 8, 2013 – 3:11 pm

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One of our primary goals during the design of the BALCS LVR (low vis rig) was that it would be scalable and support different manufacture load platforms (chest rigs, elastic cummerbuns..etc). The BALCS LVR was built around the BALCS cut soft body armor and available in BALCS armor standard sizes – S, M, L, XL.

The LVR body armor carrier transforms your BALCS body armor system by providing the best in adjustable elastic waist systems and chest rig load attachment points. The vertical channels allow for the attachment of QASM buckles or other field replaceable buckles. Loop velcro runs across the front of the rig as well on the elastic cumberbund. This rig is designed to work with our TLMP (Tactical Load Mount Platform) and other chest rig like the Haley D3 Chest rig.


The back of the BALCS  LVR has the right amount of molle webbing to support the Camelbak Mil-spec Antidote Short reservoir and our Hydration carrier short. A low profile drag handle is positioned right below the top of the carrier so not to get in the way but be readily accessible.

The BALCS LVR Mandrake and the Haley D3 chest rig Mandrake:


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