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Hydration Carrier Short – Koozie Insulation bladder cover

Bladder Koozie

Looking for a way to keep your water in your hydration bladder cool or warm?

Bladder koozies are 4mm thick divers wetsuit neoprene & keeps divers warm to -49 so great insulation for your mil-spec antidote short & the long is coming soon along with koozies for other Camelbak bladders which will be great for military personal, outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, hikers, joggers.

Hydration tube covers manufacturers three different sizes of the koozies for 50oz,70oz,100oz and their well known hydration drink tube covers.

They make Hydration Drink Tube Covers for your Camelbaks®, Hydrolinks®, HydraStorms®, and many other Hydration Packs. These insulated tube covers will help conceal, insulate, and protect your water tube from sunlight, heat, or freezing, cold weather. These drink tube covers will help make sure that the liquid you’re drinking stays the right temperature on any adventure.

Hydration tube covers





Our hydration carrier short will support the Camelbak short bladder and koozie insulation cover.

Hydration Carrier Short Kryptek Highlander Camelback Mil-spec short Antidote reservoir