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Assembling Predator Ghillie™ Helmet Cover

In order to begin assembling your Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ Helmet Cover first separate the predator dreads from the helmet cover. There should be eight in total. Separate the elastic bungee and singe both ends lightly with a lighter. After this, identify the ” V ” laser cut slit at the front of the helmet cover. Starting with the front, feed the bungee in a downward direction for best concealment.

Continue this same method until you reach the first corners of the helmet cover. The corner laser cut slits will be easily identified by the ” / ” and the ” \ ” shapes. At this point even the bungee out so there is an even amount of length on each side before beginning both sides. In an ” S ” like fashion, snake both ends of the bungee  upwards each side evening out the bungee length periodically.

Once the rear corners are met, even the bungee length out so that it is once again even on both ends. Begin routing the bungee until they meet together. The final portion will be identified by a ” IIII ” laser cut slit. At this point, route each end of the bungee directly beneath the material so that the bungee retention is not visible. Once beneath tie an overhand knot and adjust the material around the bungee so that the helmet cover is even.

Locate the ” V ” laser cut slit as the front of the helmet cover and place the helmet cover over your helmet. Once settled and adjusted begin applying the predator dreads. Each predator dread can be easily inserted into the laser cut slits representing a ” = ” style shape by folding the two pronged end in half and inserting it through the laser cut slit. Once through, simply tie an overhand knot and begin onto the next one.

Once all eight predator dreads are in place then the Predator Ghillie™ Helmet Cover is ready for action!.