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AK47 3 Mag Shingle GRID


The Beez Combat Systems AK47 3 Mag Shingle GRID is one of the lowest profile magazine shingles on the market creating an almost zero visibility appearance. Compared to traditional magazine shingles the AK47 3 Mag Shingle GRID is laser cut which reduces the overall weight while providing even more load bearing strength. The front of the 3 mag shingle GRID includes additional molle webbing compatible for user configuration. For example, this magazine shingle allows you to attach items such as admin pouches and even additional pistol magazine pouches to the front.
The AK47 3 Mag Shingle GRID by Beez Combat Systems comes with 3 elastic pull tabs securing each AK magazine into place and allowing for ease of access with no obstruction during reach. The magazine shingle also includes a Velcro insertion for items such as maps and other imperative mission information. The Velcro enclosure contains a two inch Velcro tab that secures all items into place. The Velcro enclosure is the length of the entire magazine shingle allowing the operator to store a variety of different important mission items close by.
Beez Combat Systems has also provided GRIDLOK load bearing straps with the AK47 3 Mag Shingle GRID so that the operator may utilize his or her tactical gear equipment without having to rely on any other tactical manufacturer.  GRIDLOK straps secure the AK47 3 Mag Shingle GRID into place locking it so that the operator has confidence that their primary firearms’ additional magazines are within close reach and will not loosen.
The AK47 3 Mag Shingle GRID by Beez Combat Systems is available in four different colors. Multicam, coyote, black and ranger green. The materials and construction are made from 1000 denier Cordura and GRID and meet MIL-Spec thread and Velcro requirements. The AK47 3 Mag Shingle GRID is also Berry Compliant and made 100 percent in the United States.