SKELETAL L(Laser) cummerbund for JPC style PCs
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March 23, 2019 – 2:41 pm

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Beez Combat Systems has designed a Retro-Kit Skeletal L(Laser) cummerbund with Tubes. Designed for JPC style plate carriers. The unique laser cut shape makes accessing the pouch mounting straps easier by providing additional space.

The Skeletal L(Laser) cut cummerbund is different than traditional skeletal webbing style with only one vertical support column. The design provides vertical support between columns.  The Skeletal L(Laser) cummerbund is semi-rigid allowing for additional support for heavier loads. It also allows you to mount pouches on both sides with the unique design. Fits in PCs or Body Armor Carries that have a 5″ webbing pass through.

Current color options:

Now available – a retro-kit Skeletal L(Laser) cummerbund system for your JPC style PC with Tubes.


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Black Aces Tactical Shotgun and Short Barrel Scabbard
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March 16, 2019 – 2:21 pm

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Black Aces Tactical makes standard and custom Mosseberg Shockwave Shotguns. They have multiple accessories and can customize the Shockwave.


The Short Barrel Scabbard was designed for the lever-action Mares Leg weapons systems like the Rossi Ranch Hand, Puma 92 Bounty Hunter, Henry Mares leg and short barrel shotguns (Mossberg 590 Shockwave, Remington 870 T-14…etc)

If you are looking for the best way to carry your Black Aces Shockwave check out the Beez Combat Systems Short Barrel Scabbard GRID.


Baofeng Radio Pouch GRIDLOK
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March 12, 2019 – 11:12 pm

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The Beez Combat Systems Baofeng Radio Pouch GRIDLOK is 100 percent laser cut GRID and includes Beez Combat Systems GRIDLOK attachment technology for load bearing to various tactical gear.  The Baofeng Radio Pouch also includes an elastic bungee which simultaneously secures the radio into place and provides access to the radio without having to be removed from the pouch.


The Baofeng Radio Pouch by Beez Combat Systems was specifically designed around the Baofeng style HAM radios models and their extended battery options. This design ensures the operator access to the button window while the Baofeng Radio is mounted to their person and zero obstruction to the port access so throat mics, shoulder mics and ear pieces are easily attached.
The radio pouch mounts vertically on one channel of GRIDLOK attachment technology and is available in colors multicam, coyote, black and ranger green. The Beez Combat Systems Baofeng Radio Pouch is manufactured in the United States and is Berry Compliant.
When properly mounted to either a chest rig, belt or plate carrier the Beez Combat Systems Baofeng Radio Pouch GRIDLOK provides ease of access to the Baofeng radio allowing the operator to facilitate the radio with one hand. This is made possible as the bungee retention keeps the Baofeng radio within a 75 degree angle which in turn is easily secured once the Velcro retention is placed back. This ease of access to the Beez Combat Systems Baofeng Radio Pouch allows the operator to keep his or her weapon secured in either a training or a real-world scenario.
The Baofeng Radio Pouch GRIDLOK by Beez Combat Systems is compatible with these Baofeng HAM Radio models and their extended batteries:
UV-5R V2+
With the extended battery these Baofeng HAM Radio models are compatible and fit snug into the Beez Combat Systems Baofeng Radio Pouch GRIDLOK.