American Sentry GRID Plate Carrier with ROC buckles
Written by Beez
May 26, 2018 – 3:29 pm

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The most advanced Plate Carrier with laser cut Grid, HEXCEL padding and ROC buckles on the market. Built with 500D cordura, GRID and ROC 80 buckles.

ROC buckles are used on the cummerbund and make getting in and out of the PC easy and quick.

The inside has HEXCEL padding for additional air flow and comfort.

The back of the PC has a low profile drag handle and loop ID field.

The American Sentry Plate Carrier GRID ROC is currently available in Multicam, Coyote, Black and Ranger Green.


Women’s Low Profile Combat Gear
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May 10, 2018 – 7:25 am

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Law enforcement, military and security career fields employ women that require reliable combat gear to fit their unique physique.  Sadly, many manufacturers tailor their equipment toward male body shapes of average and above-average size.
Beez Combat Systems’ low profile combat gear is designed to provide near zero visibility when worn in conjunction with the proper load-out required for duty.  Regardless if a “fight-light” load-out is needed such as body armor or if a primary and/or secondary weapon is needed with additional magazines, Beez Combat Systems’ combat gear will comfortably fit the female warrior.
Low profile plate carriers such as the Beez Combat Systems Extreme Concealable Plate Carrier (ECP) and the Extreme Lightweight Plate Carrier (ELPC) are perfect for undercover operations or for field duty in which zero visibility is necessary. The female warrior especially benefits from these two low profile plate carrier options as the shoulder straps are fully adjustable and the elastic cummerbund easily configures for both warm and cold clothing.  The Beez Combat Systems ECP and ELPC plate carriers can be worn both underneath and over clothing.
Load bearing options are available for the female warrior if a load-out kit is desired that requires additional rifle and pistol magazines to be within arms’ reach.  Traditional MOLLE webbing can be chosen however, for a lighter and more reliable load-out Beez Combat Systems’ GRID combat gear is highly recommended.  GRID combat gear is laser cut which reduces the overall weight of the gear by providing the load-bearing “real estate” within the material itself. This also allows for increased security for load-bearing equipment as traditional MOLLE webbing is sewn into the material providing less security and overall material-strength.
A variety of load-out options are available from Beez Combat Systems pertaining to the female operators selection of weaponry.  For example, AR magazine shingles are available for common military and law enforcement operations as well as even AK magazine shingles.  However, most female operators prefer a lighter load-out in which their unique physique will remain comfortable from any obstruction.  For this a low profile plate carrier is recommended underneath a chest rig specific to their primary service rifle.
Pictured above is the AK Chest Rig GRID in Multicam. This specific AK Chest Rig GRID features a three magazine load-out, unique to the female warrior.  Although options for a larger magazine load-out are available, the three magazine load-out offers a lighter option and most comfort for women.


BALCS SF (Security Forces) Multicam Body Armor Carrier
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May 1, 2018 – 9:46 pm

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The US Air Force Multicam BALCS SF (Security Forces) Body Armor Carrier.

The BALCS SF Body Armor Carrier was designed for and in collaboration with US Air Force Security Specialists. We worked closely with them during the design process to build a body armor carrier to fit their daily operational needs.








Now available in Multicam. Check out more information about the BALCS SF (Security Forces) Body Armor Carrier.