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AR500 Omega Armor Plate Carrier



low profile plate carrier AR500 Omega Trauma Plate loop

Steel trauma plates are increasing with popularity due to cost, thickness and multi hit capability. There have been some advances in the cut and bending. Advanced coating materials are being applied to the steel to help reduce splash. Overall a better steel trauma plate is being produced. TheTargetMan is one of those manufactures that is taking steel trauma plates to the next level.Trying to find a plate carrier that will hold these steel plates correctly has been difficult until now. We have designed an new AR500 Omega Armor Plate carrier.

Here are a few pics of the prototype design process as we built the AR500 Omega Armor plate carrier.

We are testing a simple way to connect AR500 Omega armor side plates to the plate carrier. This design uses four 1” quick release buckles. We added a tri-glide on the side plate pocket to hold the side plate pocket in place and allow for adjustment.

One of the unique features that we have incorporated into the Plate carrier is our PC pads. On both the front and back inside of the plate carrier are two rows of vertical loop velcro. The vertical velcro allow you to attach additional padding with our PC pads. The PC pads add additional comfort and airflow. The velcro can also be used to attached a soft armor backer to help with spall if not used with soft armor.

As you can see the AR500 Omega Armor plate carrier holds these plates like a glove and is very low profile. We have a couple different plate carriers in the works to support the AR500 Omega Armor trauma plates.

This is our molle version of the AR500 Omega Armor plate carrier. There is plenty of molle real estate to attach pouches. The low profile drag handle is a nice addition to this version. There is also plenty of velcro for ID, blood type or group patches.

The AR500 Omega Armor Plate Carrier is available in Multicam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Coyote, Khaki, Ranger Green, OD, Woodland and Black.