Retro-Kit Cummerbund molle webbing or GRID
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March 25, 2018 – 10:12 pm

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The retro-fit Cummerbund kit will work on Body Armor Carriers and PCs that use the traditional front velcro flap and rear pass through channel of 7″ to be converted to First Spear Tubes™ or ROC buckle.

The kit includes the adjustable 4″ front flap/Male Tubes and the cummerbund with the female Tubes or ROC buckle.

The cummerbund support side plate pockets (6×6,6×8,7×8) and is fully adjustable. The cummerbund will also support soft armor inserts and Rigid Inserts.

Multiple color options available for both Retro-Kit Tube or ROC buckle with standard molle webbing. The Retro-GRID is available in Multicam, Black, Coyote and Ranger Green.. As additional colors become available they will be added to the storefront. The Retro-kits for your cummerbund are now available.Click link


Dimensions : Total length 35″ +/- 8″ (for elastic adjustment), Dimension 6.75″x 17.5″. Fits in carrier with back flap 7″

The Retro-Kit Cummerbund is available with FirstSpear Tubes or Roc buckle with standard molle webbing or in GRID version. Click to view the different versions



FirstSpear® Tubes™ are trademarks of FirstSpear, LLC.

Women’s Kalashnikov Chest Rig GRID
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March 21, 2018 – 8:14 am

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The Beez Combat Systems Kalashnikov (AK) Chest Rig GRID is adjustable for sizes short and small to big and tall. Seen here is the Beez Combat Systems Kalashnikov Chest Rig GRID utilizing a three magazine load out in multi-cam worn by model: Rochelle ‘Lucy’ Sietz.
The low-profile design of the Beez Combat Systems Kalashnikov Chest Rig GRID provides comfort for even the most petite of weapons’ operators.  A brief example of this is the model example stands at a height of 5’3″ weighing in at around 105 pounds.   The quick release shoulder and waist buckles allows female operators advanced and unique adjustment to compensate for both girth and bust.  As well as the Kalashnikov Chest Rig GRID by Beez Combat Systems compliments female operators’ specific physical attributes when training or deployed in both cold and warm weather environments.
Regardless of weapons platform the Beez Combat Systems Kalashnikov Chest Rig GRID compliments magazine types from all manufacturers of the world renown firearm. This includes imports from Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, China and of course Russia not limited to specific models such as the MAK 90 or Draco.
Magazines by manufactures such as MagPul and Tapco also do well within the Beez Combat Systems Kalashnikov Chest Rig GRID. Utilizing Kalashnikov magazines while training marked with various colored tape or even applying an after-market wrap to a Kalashnikov magazine will sit well with the the Kalashnikov Chest Rig GRID.  The retention cords/pull straps found over the  magazine shingles’ are completely adjustable even allowing up to a 40 round Kalashnikov magazine to sit comfortably on front.
Compared to traditional and competing Kalashnikov Chest Rigs the Beez Combat Systems Kalashnikov Chest Rig GRID is deigned with weight distribution, comfort, reliability and battlefield damage in mind.  Less material is used than chest rigs that require reinforced stitching for load bearing essentials reducing overall weight of the gear. This factor in turn provides additional comfort for the short and small operator as well as provides an almost zero visibility profile.
Custom Body Armor Carrier with GRID and First Spear Tubes
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February 17, 2018 – 4:47 pm

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We now have the capability to offer our clients GRID (laser cut) and FirstSpear Tubes for their custom cut body armor. Currently we have GRID available in Multicam,Coyote, Black and Ranger Green.

If you are looking for a custom body armor carrier and want to have GRID and FirstSpear Tubes. Please send in the custom body armor carrier form and your outlines.

Tubes™ FirstSpear® Tubes™ are trademarks of FirstSpear, LLC


Raine Bridger for First Spear Tubes – Cover your Tube
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February 7, 2018 – 9:15 pm

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If you are looking for a way to cover your Tube….Raine has done it.
Check out Raine’s Kickstarter campaign and support the mission

New Custom Body Armor Carrier/Plate Carrier Form
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February 7, 2018 – 6:58 pm

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We have updated the Custom Body Armor Carrier Form. The new form includes :

Custom GRID (laser cut)

cummerbund attachment systems – First Spear Tubes or ROC80

3Dmesh or HEXCEL

If you need a custom Plate Carrier or Body Armor Carrier, send us an email. We will see if we can make it happen.

Click the link for more info

Stay safe!!


American Sentry Plate Carrier GRID with Honeywell Centurion Shot Show 2018
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January 24, 2018 – 9:06 pm

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We rolled out a few product for Honeywell’s Shot Show both 2018 made with their Centurion laminate.

Here is some info about Centurion fabric:

Centurion-made tactical vests can be 35 to 40% lighter because they do not require extra fabric or webbing. The Centurion fabric is laser-cut according to user preference, resulting in slits along the vests from which officers can attach gear as needed. Since straps such as traditional Molle straps do not need be sewn into these vests, they are lighter and more comfortable for officers to wear.

Pound for pound, Spectra is 15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float, according to the manufacturer. It is said to have up to 60% greater strength than alternate aramid fibre. Spectra fibre’s strength is designed to enable Centurion-made vests, plates carriers and other products to not only be lighter, but also resistant to cuts, abrasion and water, making them suitable for many tough environments.

Honeywell is expanding its manufacturing capabilities for its Centurion composite material to meet increased demand from the global law enforcement market. Centurion is the latest performance fabric made from Honeywell Spectra fibre, and is designed to make law enforcement apparel and equipment up to 40% lighter. It is available in six colours and designs, providing diverse options for end products that can be made with the fabric.

We are looking at expanding our GRID product line with Centurion and color options they offer. Continue to watch as we make amazing products with these new laminates.

Combat Belt GRID
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January 19, 2018 – 6:45 pm

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Our Modular Combat Belt GRID adds additional space for mounting pouches or other Molle style gear. Ideal for when you may need to drop your vest but still want to be able to carry your essentials . At 3″ wide and padded with 3/8″ rigid closed cell foam, this belt is just as comfortable as it is useful. Modular GRID allows for attachment of any MOLLE/PALS style gear.

Medium belt  28″ padded belt – 18 channels (fits waist 28-34)

Large belt  34″ padded belt – 22 channels (fits waist 35-40)

XL belt  40″ padded belt – 26 channels (fits waist 41-46)

The Combat Belt GRID is available in Multicam, Coyote, Black and Ranger Green.


Pistol Caliber Carbine Chest Rig GRID
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January 18, 2018 – 12:14 am

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Right now pistol caliber carbines and SBR’s (Short Barreled Rifles) are making a significant impact in the firearms community. However, not much gear is available for these popular conversions and weapons platform preferences. For example, an AR15 converted to a 9mm caliber that can accept Glock magazines is a great firearms platform to take downrange, but operating with an AR chest rig designed for 30 round AR magazines will not benefit the operator or the converted AR.

Various chest rigs that are available on the market designed for pistol and sidearm magazine load outs do not hold up to the standards that professional operators and firearms enthusiasts demand. As well as many of these chest rigs imported from overseas are constructed with materials that do not withstand stress occurred from training downrange.

Some of the considerations when designing the PCC chest rig GRID were that the chest rig must be able to accommodate the most popular weapons conversions and weapon platform chassis that are trending throughout the firearms community. Naturally this research led to findings that Glock magazines were of the most popular options for AR15 conversions to a pistol caliber and that various chassis’ of the RONI conversion kits from CAA Gear Up are in extremely high demand.

Operators of both of these weapons platform preferences run high-capacity Glock magazines that are commonly around 30 rounds. So a chest rig that can comfortably run at least four 30 round magazines seemed ideal.

1” straps were first released with the PCC over each magazine but after field tests and range tests it was realized that 2” straps provided more material for the operator to comfortably reload. The oversized magazine straps allow the operator the ability to reload magazines without breaking eye contact with their target(s).


Just like other chest rigs available from Beez Combat Systems the PCC can also run the CRMB (Chest Rig MOLLE Belt) GRID via the 1” buckles located at the waist. The CRMB allows the operator the option of more MOLLE real-estate for additional magazines or accessory pouches located where a combat belt would be worn.

On both sides of the front of the chest rig additional rows of MOLLE webbing can be found if more magazine shingles would like to be attached. The PCC is the lowest profile chest rig on the market for pistol caliber carbines and SBR conversions kits. The PCC also meets MIL-Spec thread and Velcro and has a variety of color options.

Video of PCC chest rig :


BALCS GRID Body Armor Carrier with FirstSpear TUBES
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October 16, 2017 – 2:37 pm

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The BALCS GRID is our newest body armor carrier with laser cut material, FirstSpear Tubes and 3D mesh. Designed to support BALCS cut armor and support SAPI/ESAPI hard plates.

The BALCS GRID is currently the most advanced BALCS Body Armor Carrier on the market.

The cummerbund supports soft and hard armor. The integrated side armor pouch can hold 6×12-15″ soft armor inserts and 6×6, 6×8 or 7×8 hard side armor. The FirstSpear Tubes allow for easy attachment and release of the fully adjustable cummerbund.

The back is covered with GRID and a reinforced drag handle. A large velcro field is available front and back for ID. Tubes™ FirstSpear® Tubes™ are trademarks of FirstSpear, LLC.

The BALCS GRID is currently available in the following colors: Multicam, Coyote,Ranger Green and Black.



AR Chest Rig GRID
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September 13, 2017 – 4:16 pm

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The AR Chest Rig GRID is our newest chest rig in our chest rig line. The chest rig is made with 1000D cordura and laser cut GRID.

The AR Chest Rig is available in 3 mag, 4 mag , 5 mag and 6 mag version. A full pocket runs the length of the rig for additional storage.

The AR Chest rig can be purchased in two configurations: The standard or pull-forward. The pull forward configuration allows you to adjust the rig on the fly. The pull forward design is by far the most popular.

All of our chest rig come with a standard h-harness. On all chest rigs with GRID there is GRID on the harness shoulder area for routing and connection points.

The AR chest rig GRID is currently available in Multicam, Coyote and Black.