AOR2 Predator Ghillie Helmet Cover
Written by Beez
December 22, 2021 – 7:28 am

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The Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ Helmet Cover is easy and simple to assemble, is able to be deployed within moments and can be stored in the smallest of spaces. The Predator Ghillie™ Helmet Cover also provides the operator with the most advanced concealment technology in the roughest of terrains. The Predator Ghillie™ Helmet Cover is offered in a wide range of camouflage patterns such as specifically AOR2.

The AOR2 camouflage pattern is the United States Navy’s camouflage pattern for woodland terrains. Developed by the United States Navy SEALS the AOR2 camouflage pattern differs from other commonly seen camouflage patterns as it runs more vertically as opposed to horizontally. The AOR2 camouflage pattern also contains a slightly brighter green-hued woodland MARPAT which was perfect for overseas operations the SEALS performed in such as in the Philippines while hunting Al-Qaeda targets.

Not until the year 2016 did the United States Navy adopt the DevGru approved AOR2/Type III camouflage pattern for all uniforms across the Navy’s enlisted and officer personnel. Doing so rid the United States Navy of their formally adopted cartoonish blue Type I camouflage pattern coined the “blueberries” camouflage.

The Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie™ Helmet Cover is available in the AOR2 camouflage pattern as well as many other options.


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